With 15% of its land dedicated to Open Space, Westminster is no stranger to conservation. The WLF is proud to support initiatives that strengthen conservation efforts within Westminster, help to preserve and utilize Open Space in appropriate ways, and educate and train the environmental stewards of tomorrow.

Current Conservation Projects:

Restoration of Victory Garden at Metzger Farm

Funding goal: $13,750

We are partnering with the Broomfield-Westminster Open Space Foundation and The Academy to restore the Victory Garden at Metzger Farm. This project is an integral step in connecting kids and communities to nature. The Academy has committed to a full-time agriculture staff member, who will incorporate the garden work into students curricula (k-12) and all maintenance and planting will be completed by the students. in addition to connecting kids to nature, which is proven to have long-term benefits to children both physically and developmentally, other goals of the project include contributions to local food banks and workshops for the public. This project will begin in Q1 2021 and we still have $8750 to raise. See below for where and how to donate to support this project or contact us at [email protected] Click here for an article on the return of Victory Gardens across the country.

Equine Therapy Program at The Ranch Open Space

Funding goal: $275,000

Hippotherapy, more commonly known as equine therapy or therapeutic horseback riding, has been proven to benefit people of all ages and encourage physical, occupational, and emotional growth for folks with a variety of physical or developmental disabilities. We are partnering with the City of Westminster and a nationally-renowned Equine Therapy Program to bring these benefits to our community. Therapy incorporating equine movement is an exciting form of physical, occupational, or speech therapy that utilizes the horse as a treatment tool to achieve the individual patient’s goals and needs. Though around since the early 70’s, it has gained in recognition and acceptance over the past decade as a viable alternative or complement to classical in-clinic therapy.

Click here to donate now and support Conservation in Westminster! No matter the dollar amount, your contribution is helping us be good stewards of our environment!