We have all faced so many challenges this year. Thanks to your help, the WLF has been able to rise to meet so many of the needs of our community: food insecurity and assistance for those experiencing homelessness.

To date, the WLF has made 4 rounds of disbursements totaling $75,000.

Disbursements have gone to: support local food pantries, provide PPE for Westminster childcare providers, support local schools with technology and other basic needs for Westminster students, support local restaurants through the purchase of to-go meals (which are then donated to food pantries) and to provide emergency supplies and shelter for those experiencing homelessness in our community (Covid-19 renders congregant sheltering for the homeless unsafe, so there are even fewer options for the unhoused to find shelter).

We are so proud that, thanks to your generosity, more than 35,000 pounds of food have been purchased for our community and 3 individuals who were homeless are now in permanent, stable housing.

But, we know our work is not done yet. Our community will continue to feel the impacts of the pandemic into 2021, and the WLF is ready to be there to step up and make a difference – but we can’t do it without you.

If you can, please make a gift on Colorado Gives Day, December 8, or donate through our website now. And thank you!